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Election Integrity

Four women of various demographics, young blonde woman in front, filling in ballots and ca

Election integrity is essential to the functioning of our republic. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has given up on democracy and is now trying to rig elections and pack the courts. They don’t believe they can win based on their ideas, so they want to game the system and legalize voter fraud to stay in power. In true Orwellian fashion, Democrats refer to their election rigging plans as “voting rights”. We won’t allow the radical left to destroy our republic by institutionalizing fraud. Election integrity is essential to the functioning of our republic and we must do everything we can to protect it.

America First

America first catcheword with american flag. Patriotic concept..jpg

America! Known to be a proud and independent nation. We should not be a country to rely on others for help or assistance. America needs to be a nation that is self-sufficient and self-reliant. We should always put America first. We should never conduct trade that takes away jobs or displaces American workers. We should never give financial assistance to countries who oppose US interests. I want to help America be energy-independent and build supply chains that never rely on our adversaries. America is a strong and powerful nation and we should always remain independent and self-sufficient. America First!


Intelligent group of young school children all raising their hands in the air to answer a

Education is the key to maintaining a strong republic. It is essential that our children learn about our country's history and founding principles in order to appreciate the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. Unfortunately, there has been a trend in recent years towards teaching a revisionist history that paints the United States in a negative light. This is particularly evident in the way that "Critical Race Theory" is being taught in our schools. CRT teaches that America is an inherently racist country and that racism is responsible for all of society's ills. This type of indoctrination is unacceptable and must be stopped. Our public schools should be focused on teaching Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and not focused on political ideology. Only by returning to a traditional approach to education will we be able to inspire patriotism in our citizens and instill a love of country in our children.

Government Spending


Government spending is out of control. The national debt is over $31 trillion, and the government spends billions of dollars every year on programs that are outdated, inefficient, or simply don't work. Many government agencies should be either moved out of Washington or shuttered entirely. This would save taxpayers billions of dollars every year, and it would make the government more efficient and effective. In addition, it would help to remove the perception that Washington is a wealthy, out-of-touch elite that is disconnected from the realities of everyday Americans. Government needs to be smaller, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of the people. Moving or shutting down many government agencies is a good place to start.

Economy & Jobs

Paying Customer

As a country, we are facing many challenges. We are in the midst of an economic recession, due to out-of-control inflation. In order to meet these challenges, we need to be smart about how we use our resources. One way to meet these challenges is to reduce the size of government. When government is smaller, it is more efficient and more effective. It can also be more responsive to the needs of the people at the state level not the federal level. And, when government is smaller, it costs less money. This means that we can use our resources for other things, like creating jobs and repairing our infrastructure. Reducing the size of government will also help us to compete in the global economy. In today's world, countries that have successful economies are those that have lean and efficient governments. These governments are able to provide their citizens with high-quality services at a low cost. They are also able to attract businesses and investment from other countries. Shrinking the federal government is good for our economy and our people..

Environment & Water

Aerial View of Florida Everglades Golden Hour Sunset.jpg

The health of our community is inextricably linked to the health of our environment – and clean water is a basic necessity of life. For too long, our state’s water quality has been in decline, endangering not just our personal health, but also our economy and wildlife. The problems caused by poor water quality are far-reaching and complex, but we cannot afford to wait any longer to take action. Our community has already felt the social and economic consequences of environmental disaster, and it is absolutely critical that we work together to strengthen conservation programs, promote public health, defend our environment, and protect our waterways. By working together, we can ensure that Florida remains a beautiful and prosperous state for generations to come. 

Immigration & Border Security


Border Security and Immigration are two of the most talked about topics in America today. There are many different opinions on what should be done in regards to these issues, but one thing is for sure: something needs to be done. Our current system is not working and it is time for a change. President Trump’s plan to build a wall was right. We welcome those who want to join us in building the American dream, immigrants who want to be Americans, not change America. We are a stronger nation because we are a nation of immigrants; but immigration without assimilation makes us weaker. Politicians talk big about border security and do nothing. We are done with that. It is time for action. Border security and immigration are complex issues, but we cannot give up on finding solutions. Our country depends on it.

National Defense


National defense is about more than just military hardware and kinetic force. A robust defense budget and sound defense policy also bolsters our nation in other, equally important ways. A well-equipped defense enhances our capabilities and influence across virtually all other elements of national power: our economy, our diplomacy, our alliances, and our influence in the world. Conversely, an under resourced national defense threatens to diminish our national power across all of these other dimensions. Drawing on the historical record, there are many ways beyond the kinetic use of force that a strong national defense bolsters our national power and global influence. National defense is therefore essential to safeguarding our nation's interests at home and abroad.


Happy reunion of soldier with family. Emotional portrait of an unrecognizable man in milit

The nuclear family is the fundamental unit of civilization. It is God's design for humanity, and it must be protected and celebrated. The family is the foundation upon which society is built. The fanatical left seeks to devalue and redefine the traditional family, as they undermine parents and attempt to replace them with government programs. We will not allow Socialism to place the needs of the state ahead of the family. Family is vital to our country's success, and we must do everything in our power to protect it. 


Veteran Saluting  in Front of US Flag.jpg

Military veterans have sacrificed a great deal for our country, and we owe them a debt of gratitude. Unfortunately, many veterans are at a higher risk of mental health disorders, PTSD, and substance abuse disorders. We have a duty to help veterans lead healthy, happy lives. Every military family has their own story of personal challenges, and each service member has been forever changed in some way by their experiences of military culture and demands, warfare, or grief. By working together, we can help ensure that all veterans receive the support they need and deserve.

Public Safety


Safety is a top priority for any community. When citizens don't feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods, it's time to take a stand. That's why I am committed to working towards enforcing our laws and increasing penalties for theft and violent crimes. We need to take steps to clean up our cities and make them places where people can feel proud to live. We're not going to pretend that crime is okay - it's not. And we have zero-tolerance for so-called "mostly peaceful protests" that turn violent and attack police officers, loot businesses, and burn down our cities. We're going to restore law and order in our communities so that people can feel safe again.

Right to Life


We must protect life at all stages. Only when people understand that abortion kills a unique human being will they be motivated to protect the right to life of all human beings. Liberals celebrate abortion, push for government funding of abortions, and grotesquely support late term abortion. Roe v. Wade should be overturned as the ruling was unconstitutional in the first place.  We need to enact policies that ban government funding of abortions, encourage and support adoption, and protect the unborn. 

Religious Freedom from Big Tech

Close up of a religious cross atop the pages of a bible with the constitution in the backg

Big Tech companies have long been accused of religious discrimination, and those allegations have only grown louder in recent years. Christians and Jews in particular have increasingly found themselves the target of Big Tech censorship, with their religious beliefs and practices coming under fire from the so-called "woke" crowd. This trend has led some to dub Big Tech's secularism a "new religion" of sorts, one that is becoming increasingly hostile toward people of faith. Given the power and influence of Big Tech companies, this is a worrying trend indeed. Christians and Jews must stand together against Big Tech's attempt to silence them, and show that they will not be cowed by the politically correct mob. Only then can we hope to stem the tide of Big Tech's war on religious freedom.

2nd Amendment

Ammunition on US Constitution - The Right to Bear Arms.jpg

Many in the Founding generation believed that governments are prone to use soldiers to oppress the people. The right to bear arms is seen as an essential check on government power, ensuring that the people will always have the means to defend themselves against tyranny. In recent years, this idea has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of mass shootings and other gun violence. But for many Americans, the right to bear arms is still seen as a cornerstone of freedom. 



Healthcare is a complex and polarizing issue. We need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with reforms that actually provide affordable, quality healthcare for Florida families. The real problem with healthcare is that costs continue to rise, which is why we need more choices for patients, more free-market competition, and increased accountability for providers. Instead of fixating on grandiose schemes or grand bargains, like career politicians in Washington often do... There are incremental steps that can be taken to immediately improve the healthcare system for Floridians. Healthcare should be more accessible and affordable for everyone in Florida.

End Identity Politics

multiracial group with black african American Caucasian and Asian hands holding each other

End Identity Politics. Americans should be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. This is a message that has been repeated throughout America's history, yet the idea of ​​racial politics still persists. The time has come to put an end to this divisive practice once and for all. We are all made in the image of God, and to judge a person on the basis of skin color is immoral. Government policy should never be based on race, as this only serves to further divide us as a nation. Instead, we should work together to build a future where everyone is judged by their character and not the color of their skin. Only then can we truly achieve equality for all.