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The Spies who lied. Meet Chris Krebs(Former CISA Director) & the 51 Intelligence Agents who censored us into the Biden Presidency!

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“The Spies who Lied” Playing Cards

Embark on a journey through the shadowy corridors of political intrigue with our exclusive playing card deck, “The Spies Who Lied.” Delve into the heart of the Hunter Biden laptop censorship like never before as we present a unique fusion of storytelling and card gaming.

Based on the original New York Post article “Spies Who Lied”, we bring you a meticulously crafted deck that unravels an untold narrative of 51 ‘intelligence’ experts who refused to acknowledge the true Hunter Biden story forever cementing their place as interfering with an American Election. Each card in this limited edition release unveils a key player in the controversy, shedding light on the intricacies of power, deception, and democratic processes.

Capturing the essence of the scandal that captivated the nation, “The Spies Who Lied” is more than just a deck of cards — it’s a collector’s item that encapsulates a pivotal moment in political history. Join us as we explore the ranking system that distinguishes the untarnished from the deeply embroiled, presenting an unfiltered view of the controversial figures involved.

This is your exclusive invitation to own a piece of history. Order now to help support Jeff’s campaign against the Tyranny of deep state corruption embedded into long-term politics, and be among the first to receive this limited edition deck. Don’t just witness history; hold it in your hands with “The Spies Who Lied” playing cards.


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Unmasking Election Interference

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Immerse yourself in the world of political intrigue with our meticulously crafted deck featuring key players in the Hunter Biden laptop controversy.

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Learn the faces of the corrupted politicians involved in this unprecedented political saga

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Our visually striking cards offer a glimpse into the controversy that captivated the nation.

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About Jeff

Jeff Buongiorno, a Conservative Constitutionalist and political outsider, recognizes the need to reclaim government power from various forces, including career politicians, Socialist Democrats, and Big Tech, and restore it to “We the People.” Escaping the constraints of New Jersey over a decade ago, Jeff’s background as a Deputy Sheriff and advocate for law enforcement reflects his dedication to upholding the Constitution. As a successful entrepreneur, he has supported veterans and the unemployed, championing reduced taxes and regulation for increased opportunities, while his commitment to family and defense of constitutional rights propels him to run for Congress against attempts to erase our nation’s history by Socialist Democrats.

Detailed Overview

The Deceptive Narrative

October 2020, 51 former intelligence officials, including James Clapper, signed a letter questioning The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories, alleging a Russian disinformation operation.

Despite lacking evidence, the officials capitalized on suspicion to protect Joe Biden’s campaign

False Headlines and Media Collusion

Majority Democrats, these officials sparked a false narrative propagated by media outlets like Politico, falsely claiming the Hunter Biden story as Russian disinformation. The misleading headlines were shared widely, including by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki

Tech Giants’ Role

Tech platforms, Twitter and Facebook, played a controversial role by censoring The New York Post’s content. The ban on sharing the story was justified as the material being “hacked,” even without evidence. The collaborative effort between Big Tech, former officials, and liberal media aimed to bury a story that could impact the election

2020 Election Manipulation

Impact: Peddling Disinformation

The officials, through online disinformation, attempted to sway the election by casting doubt on legitimate reporting. No one conclusively proved The Post’s reporting was wrong, but the orchestrated narrative aimed to make Joe Biden appear a victim of a conspiracy.

Post-Election Revelations

Only after the election did Hunter Biden tacitly admit the laptop’s ownership. The New York Times later authenticated the materials, exposing the officials’ misinformation.

No Accountability

Despite the revelations, there have been no consequences, for over 4 years. Twitter and Facebook continue to face accusations of political bias in content censorship, and Congress remains inactive.

Officials’ Response: A Lack of Remorse

Statements from Key Figures: Notably, officials like James Clapper stood by their initial statements, refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing. The Post reached out to those who signed the letter, with most either declining to respond or doubling down on their previous stance.

We must take a stand

Demand Accountability

Join us in demanding transparency, accountability, and a reevaluation of the actions that shaped the narrative around the 2020 election. Share this page to raise awareness and encourage open discussions about election interference and media manipulation.

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