Meet Jeff

 Jeff Buongiorno is a political outsider who has been watching the hijacking of our government by various forces for years. These include lifelong career politicians, Socialist Democrats, the Communist Chinese government, Elite Globalists, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, and Big Tech. He believes it’s time for “We the People” to take our government back and restore it to its rightful owners – The People! Jeff Buongiorno is a Conservative Constitutionalist and American businessman.

He escaped the tyranny of New Jersey and fled to the Great State of Florida over a decade ago, seeking new opportunities & medical freedom. Jeff spent his career fighting for law enforcement and standing up for the Constitution. Early on, he served as a Deputy Sheriff.

Jeff later built several companies, including Private IT Vocational Schools, transportation, supply chain, manufacturing, and tech companies. His Computer School helped many veterans through the GI Bill and the unemployed through workforce development and the Workforce Investment Act with an 80% job placement rate. Jeff’s Tech company helped US Manufacturers better compete with foreign competition through automation and modernization, leveraging grants through the Trade Adjust Assistance for Firms Act. Jeff served on the Microsoft Research Panel for over four years. He knows that low taxes and less regulation will spawn more opportunities for everyone. 

While the Socialist Democrats are attempting to cancel the history of our great nation, Jeff is running for Congress to protect our constitutional and God-given rights as an ardent defender and supporter of Self-Governance. He believes the Constitution is as relevant today as it was when it was signed, and he is prepared to fight for “We the People.”

Jeff Buongiorno Standing Tall and Patriotically