Jeff Buongiorno for Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections





Meet Jeff Buongiorno

Jeff Buongiorno is a political outsider and American businessman who left the tyranny of New Jersey over a decade ago for the freedoms of Florida. With a career dedicated to law enforcement and the Constitution, he started as a Deputy Sheriff before building successful companies in various sectors including IT, transportation, manufacturing, and tech.

Jeff’s Private IT Vocational Schools achieved an 80% job placement rate, supporting veterans and the unemployed. His tech company enhanced U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through automation and modernization. Jeff has over 100 IT certifications and served on the Microsoft Research Panel for four years. He has contributed to numerous manufacturing enterprise products and worked with all 13 Federal Reserve Banks on consumer sentiment tools.

Jeff’s extensive experience makes him uniquely qualified to serve as Supervisor of Elections. His mission is to restore public faith in our election system, aligning his skills and passion with the goal of protecting our civil liberties and constitutional rights through provable transparent elections.


Our election integrity is in a state of crisis, we must secure our elections

Truth – Accountability – Transparency

Restoring Truth accountability and Transparency


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